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We recognize that while video is an asset to your website, a photograph is often the first impression your business will make to the wider world. What makes sleek, professional quality photographs an integral part of marketing to and engaging prospective clients is the sense of professionalism and substance that will be imbued on your public image. Remember that a photograph is a portable handshake, capable of being reviewed and considered long after an initial meeting.

The guiding principle for still photography is much the same as with video editing, a polished, well crafted product will subtly reassure a client that your operation is mature and trustworthy, while an unfocused or poorly framed shot could convey a lack of commitment or attention to detail. Whether you need a photographer to capture a special event, photography to promote a product or service, or you just want headshots for your business card, Roller Entertainment has the tools and skills that separate us from everyday shooters. 

Roller Entertainment offers a wide variety of photography packages ranging from full day on location shoots to short in-studio shoots. No matter what type of photography you are looking for we have a comprehensive package for you. Our commercial photography packages are customizable and negotiable so call one of our representatives today to develop your package.

Portrait Photography Packages

(Prices relect both on location/studio photography)

(A gas fee will be applied for locations over 20 miles from our studio)

Package #1- One to two models

                   1 hour session

                   20 HD fully edited emailed Photos


Package #2 - Three to six models

                    2 hour session

                    35 HD fully edited emailed Photos


*An additional $50 per person for a Make up Artist*


Printing Packages

Package #1 - (2) 4x6

                    (2) 5x7

                    (8) Wallet Size

                    (1) 8x10


Package #2 - (3) 4x6

                    (3) 5x7

                    (16) Wallet Size

                    (2) 8x10



*Individual Prints $10 each*  

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